Greensprouts, our parents and child group, is held during term time on Friday morning 10.00am to 12.15pm at the kindergarten premises. Parents and children from newborn to 3yrs are welcome. This is a great way to introduce you and your child to Waldorf education.  

Green sprouts is moving outdoor……. The wonder of learning through nature.

Welcome to green Sprouts an outdoor mum and tot group program, at the Laurel Farm Kindergarten location.. mainly for children from 1-3 years of age, The session is at 10 am to 12.00 pm. The groups are run by Claude Lebaleur a qualified Kindergarten Teacher. At Laurel farm, finding time to experience nature is of high priority. we believe that the closer to nature, the happier the children will be. Free to explore natures riches, the children’ senses are heightened, which enhances their creative and imaginative play. We know the benefits of learning in the natural environment and that children need to play, to experience space and movement and sensory stimulation for healthy development. The green Sprouts experience perfectly promotes sensory child-led outdoor play, encouraging and stimulating curiosity, exploration, understanding and self-reflection – and this is true for children of all ages.
Our focus is on ‘the whole child’ and helping them develop at their own pace in their own way for optimum learning. Since the children are able to develop at their own level, they can freely develop their creative play, their high self esteem and confidence, good language social and communication skills, necessary skills to keep themselves safe and essential skills for the future. Surrounded by nature. During our sessions the children and parents will start by saying hello to the ducks, hens, the beautiful rooster and the sheep. Then we will take a walk through the woodland to the Magic Glade. There they will have a snack around the camp fire, the children will be able to jump in puddles, chase butterflies and clamber over fallen branches, make mud pies and imaginative potions, smell flowers, rain and damp leaves, listen to bird songs and the wind in the trees. In close contact with plants, animals, fire and water, they are able to build this essential connection with nature, the children feel at one with nature, enjoying themselves in all weather.
These sessions will be child-led, Claude will show parents how to do an age appropriate nature craft, the children can choose to do activities offered or not, it will be freedom within limits, for example, the child can run around the woodland and hide but has to stay within the marked area.. There is no wrong way for the child to play, no toys to give up, no rush, no activity to move onto. Outside, children can’t be too noisy, too loud or move too much! We will have a time for snack from home around the fire, please bring a substantial snack for your child, being outdoor exploring makes one hungry. We end the session with a short active song time our finally our goodbye songs before going back home. Please make sure that you and your children are suitably dressed. Long trousers, long sleeved tops and sturdy shoes are a necessity for protection from brambles, nettles, ticks etc. It can be very cold and muddy at times, so warm clothes, waterproofs and rain boots are a good idea unless the weather is unusually clear and sunny, when you may need a sun hat and sun cream. Three wheeler buggies and back pack carriers may be useful too. Please look at our policy for the Covid-19 before signing up. The first session at Green sprouts is XXX and then is payable in advance for the rest of the half term, at £5 per session for the first child and £2.50 per session for any siblings from 1 year of age.       What shall I bring?
  • A healthy snack to share.
  • Suitable outdoor clothing like waterproofs.
  • Slippers for yourself and your child to make you feel comfortable inside.