Our Daily Rhythm

Morning activities

The children start with drawing followed by a period of child initiated free play, during which children are also free to join in a range of domestic and artistic activities. They might be involved in baking bread, sweeping and moping, weaving or sewing and painting. The Warldolf curriculum is designed to provide plenty of opportunities for creative play – the most important and the most threatened aspect of child development in our modern society.

Monday mornings – painting

Tuesday mornings – seasonal crafts

Wednesday mornings – baking

Thursday mornings – outdoor exploring

Tidy up time

At the end of our play time we sing our ‘tidy up’ song and the children tidy up their games, putting everything away ready for the next day. All the children help set up the snack table and once the room is tidy we sit together in a circle. Tidy up time in the kindergarten involves responsibility, teamwork and logic. The most obvious benefit of tidy up time for children is the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a task.

Circle time

Circle time is a time of the day when we sing songs together, recite, use movement and gesture to illustrate songs, and do finger plays. Those four elements are pulled together into a seasonal or story based theme. Children engage through imitation of the teacher and they learn the songs by heart through repetition. Circle time provides a social experience in which children develop an awareness of being an individual within a community.

Snack time

Following toilet time and after having washed our hands we sit around the table for our snack, starting with a short blessing song and our meal. The children participate with serving the food as well as cleaning and helping to wash up afterwards. This is a very social time where children have an opportunity to share their news and adventures.

Outdoor time

The first half an hour of the outdoor time is spent in the enclosed garden where the children enjoy playing in the sand pit. They can participate in meaningful and purposeful work such as sowing seeds, watering the plants, harvesting herbs & vegetables and sweeping the path. Everyday we go out for a walk around the farm and take part in outdoor play and activities appropriate to the season. When we are out and about on the farm we may do gardening, feed the animals or watch the sheep being sheered. Recently we have created a ‘magic glade’ in the woodland where children can play in a forest school type setting with a camp, swings and mud kitchen.

Story time

Following our outdoor time, the children come back indoors for story time, where they listen to traditional folk, fairy tales and seasonal stories. The story time helps to nourish their development of memory and  imagination and helps them to increase their vocabulary. After story time the children are ready to go home.

Afternoon club

Some children stay for afternoon care. It follows the following format:

2.00pm – story time followed by rest time

2.30pm – lunch or snack

3.00pm – free play indoor or outdoors

4.30pm – home time



Laurel Farm Kindergarten  addresses all the seven areas of

learning and development in accordance with the EYFS.

Three of these are prime areas:

1) Communication and Language

2) Physical Development

3) Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In addition, we support four specific areas:

1) Literacy

2) Mathematics

3) Understanding the World

4) Expressive Arts and Design