Reading List

Steiner Waldorf Education

  1. ‘Free To Learn’ By Lynne Oldfield
  2. ‘Understanding The Steiner Waldorf Approach’ By Janni Nicol and Jill Taplin
  3. ‘Ready To Learn’ By Martyn Rewson and Michael Rose
  4. ‘Waldorf Education’ By Christopher Clouder and Martyn Rewson
  5. ‘The Education Of The Child’ By Rudolf Steiner

Early Childhood 

  1. ‘You Are Your Childs First Teacher’ By Rahma Baldwin
  2. ‘Work And Play In Early Childhood’ By Freya Jafke
  3. ‘Phases Of Childhood’ By Bernard Lievegood
  4. ‘The Childs Changing Consciousness’ By Rudolf Steiner
  5. ‘The Genius Of Play’ By Sally Jenkinson
  6. ‘A Guide To Child Health’ By Michaela Gloeckler

Festivals and Activities

  1. ‘Festivals, Family and Food’ By D.Carey and J.Large
  2. ‘All Year Round’ By A.Drujtt, C.Fynes/Clinton, M.Rowling
  3. ‘Toy Making With Children’ By Freya Jafke
  4. ‘Story Telling With Children’ By N.Mellon