“Our daughter had a wonderful four terms at Laurel Farm, she was quiet at first and worried about being away from her parents, but settled in smoothly in at her own pace, in a really supportive environment. As time went by she developed a confidence which she has taken into her new school with her and she has made the transition really well. At laurel farm she was able to develop relationships, improve her physical skills like climbing and swinging, learn about looking after animals and baking bread, and she even learnt to sew! I’d highly recommend it”. – Amy

“This is the most nourishing and loving environment. He is safe, happy and feels loved there. I don’t even have words to describe what joy and how many amazing adventures he has there every day.” – Justyna  

“We were one of the first families to send our child to Laurel Farm Kindergarten. My daughter is now 12 but the experience of this place has stayed with her and is deeply embedded in her psyche. It was the most wonderful start to her life aged 4” – Jotipal

“He has flourished here and he is now confident, creative, outgoing and has many lovely friends. I couldn’t imagine sending my son anywhere else.” – Kelly

“Laurel Farm Kindergarten is a beautiful gem. For me it ticked all of the boxes for a setting to give my daughter a gentle first step towards independence. The outdoor setting provides a chance to deepen my daughters love for nature. The natural toys along with plenty of time for undirected play keep my daughter in her true imagination. I feel comforted with knowing that the teachers take the time to truly get to know each child and their individual needs, which is made easier due to the smaller class size. This definitely helped my daughter feel safe. Finally all of this is made even more nurturing and wholesome by the yearly and seasonal celebrations. This definitely enriches my daughter, by being a part of, learning and hearing about each celebration which weaves into our day to day living.” – Sammy